GLOBIS creates and innovates societies by fostering management ecosystem of People, Capital and knowledge.

People: Human resources and organizational development

Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University

We cultivate business leaders who will contribute to creative change and innovation in Asia and Japan.

  • The Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University, opened classes as a private graduate school of management in 2006 and then officially became an educational corporation in 2008. Today, the school has five campuses in Tokyo (Japanese, English), Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai and Fukuoka, as well as online classes
  • Provides classes with a strong emphasis on enhancing practical skills, and a curriculum to explore one’s own mission and values as a means to develop kokorozashi
  • Has grown to become Japan’s largest business school with new enrolment in April 2015 reaching 702 students and total enrolment of more than 1,600 student.No.1 MBA in East Japan among 2014 Nikkei survey participants with business school experience
  • Provides programs in both Japanese and English to a very international body of students from around the world as well as from Japan

About our courses:

  • Standard course completion requires a minimum of two years and maximum of five years (Standard course completion under a full-time English MBA Program schedule requires a minimum of one year)
  • MBA courses a la carte for pre-MBA students, available from just one course

GLOBIS Executive School

We offer programs designed specifically for management-level employees to develop top management and executives.

  • Offering a comprehensive program as well as a leadership program designed according to business position and career path
  • Providing stimulating connections through human networks that facilitate interactions with participants from a broad range of industries and companies.
  • Lecturers are dispatched for corporate programs that develop skills for decision-making and practical execution that are essential for business executives.

About our courses and system:

  • A 12-session comprehensive management program for managers and general managers
  • A leadership program for cultivating the next generation of leaders

GLOBIS Management School

Offers opportunities for gaining management capabilities, from basic skills to specialized expertise, in response to the broad range of needs faced by today’s businesspeople

  • Offers a wide selection of curricula, starting with single-course options (three months), designed to meet the specific learning objectives of students
  • Boasts a student enrollment of over 7,500 per year at our Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka campuses
  • We dispatch lecturers for programs that meet the human resource development needs of our corporate clients and promote cross-industry interaction

About our courses (non-degree program):

  • Substitute Attendance Program enables students to reschedule their classes in the event they are unable to attend due to overtime or business trips, or to attend classes at any of the Tokyo, Nagoya or Osaka campuses.
  • Fourteen courses available to meet the needs of business professionals, such as Critical Thinking, Marketing, Strategy, etc.

GLOBIS Corporate Education

We support corporate clients who are facing the most advanced challenges in Japan and abroad by providing solutions from the perspective of human resource development.

  • GLOBIS Corporation provides solutions services to approximately 1,000 companies and 50,000 individuals each year, and operates a practical and effective human resources development program that utilizes the latest management expertise and training methods collected from a global network primarily in Japan and other Asian countries
  • The lecturers are business leaders at the forefront of their fields who also teach classes at the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University. They promote the practical application of learning through their vast business experience, structured management knowledge, and excellent class design and facilitation
  • GLOBIS Corporation caters to diverse needs, offering a variety of learning opportunities for business leader development, including group training, online training, English-language training, campus courses (Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University, GLOBIS Executive School, GLOBIS Management School), e-learning, GMAP (assessment, tests) and more

Key solutions:

  • Programs can be designed according to their purpose. These purposes include developing administrative personnel, key management, next-generation leaders, global leaders, and female leaders as well as fostering proposal-based sales abilities and new-business development abilities
  • Major and popular courses in the MBA program of the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University are also provided as group training. These include courses on critical thinking, management strategy, marketing, accounting, finance, leadership development, and human resource management
  • Programs can be provided in multiple locations throughout Japan, China, and ASEAN countries. They can also be provided in multiple languages including Japanese, English, and Chinese. Programs are flexible according to individual needs, with customized training from as short as one day to medium- to long-term programs of a few months to a year

Capital:Providing venture funding with hands-on support

GLOBIS Capital Partners

We support entrepreneurs to create successful businesses by providing organizational capabilities (People), growth funds (Capital) and management expertise (Knowledge).

  • People: Supporting organizational design that enhances management capabilities and personnel growth, and locating and hiring key personnel
  • Capital: From initial investments and the arrangement of follow-on fundraising to the preparation and execution support for an IPO/M&A event
  • Knowledge: Provision of management knowledge to support business growth, such as formulation of corporate vision and strategy, adoption of management systems, and advisory with industry-specific expert knowledge

Investment track record:

  • Total funds under management : Approx. ¥50 billion
  • Total number of companies invested in : Approx. 120
  • Investment stage : Early to late stage, including carve-outs and MBOs
  • Investment sector : IT, media, general services, and technology
  • Average investment amount : About ¥100 million to ¥1 billion/company

Knowledge: Disseminating management expertise

Publications/Electronic publishing

We actively disseminate management knowledge in all fields by drawing upon our own accumulated expertise.

  • Popular publication series are continuously being provided in electronic formats. We have also published original e-books
  • The GLOBIS MBA Series spans a total of 18 volumes, with about 1.45 million copies published

Main publications:

  • GLOBIS MBA Series (Diamond, Inc.), the de facto standard textbook for management education
  • GLOBIS MBA Experience Series (Diamond, Inc.) : "Lay the Groundwork for Your Business" and more
  • GLOBIS MBA Intensive Lectures (PHP Institute, Inc.) : "Marketing Class" and more

GLOBIS Chikenroku(knowledge library), information website and app

Carefully selected videos and articles that develop skills in business management and leadership

  • Launched in December 2014, created from GLOBIS.JP, an online business management magazine, and GLOBIS.TV, a video website
  • Delivers over 500 videos and 2,000 lectures and article series regarding knowledge and insight on MBAs and leadership
  • Provided through three gateways : see, read and learn. Oers access to videos, articles and true learning

Main content:

  • SEE : Glo Kiru, unique analyses of social movements by faculty members of the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University, event videos reporting GLOBIS seminars and conferences such as G1 Summit, and more
  • READ : Original special features that study social changes, event reports that document the distinguished sessions at seminars and conferences, MBA Basic Courses that teach key MBA points in text, and more
  • LEARN : Portal page for seminars held online and at the ve locations of GLOBIS and Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, Fukuoka), courses of the e-learning program Digital GLOBIS, and more
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